1 Logics End

Logic’s End by Keith A. Robinson

Logic’s End is Keith Robinson’s first novel and the first book in the Origin’s Trilogy, a unique piece of Christian fiction book that mixes apologetics and science fiction that is excellent to give away to any seeker who’s into sci-fiction.  In the near future, when planetary space travel has become possible, a NASA planet-finder telescope discovers[…]

authentic enlightenment

Authentic Enlightenment by Vail Carruth

In Authentic Enlightenment, Vail Carruth tells her spiritual journey from being heavily devoted in Transcendental Meditation (also know as TM), a kind yoga discipline to finding the ultimate truth that she only found in Christ. Vail devoted herself to TM, seeking answers in life. She studied directly under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and advanced to the[…]

Wherever I Wind Up by R. A. Dickey

Wherever I Wind Up by R. A. Dickey

In Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity, and the Perfect Knuckleball, Robert Allen Dickey tells his story from his childhood to his professional career as a Major League Baseball Player. In 1996, Dickey was heralded as a first-round draft choice. Then, a routine physical revealed that his right elbow was missing a[…]


Bloodline by John Turnipseed and Cecil Murphey

In Bloodline: You Spend Enough Time in Hell You Get the Feeling You Belong, John Turnipseed shares his journey from a lost and frightened boy to a notorious gang leader, drug dealer and pimp to one of the nation’s most respected pioneers of community restoration. John Turnipseed’s story of transformation and restoration is told with unflinching honesty[…]

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Out of Darkness by Stormie Omartian

“I have a burning desire to tell people who are hurting that there is a way out of their pain. There is hope for their lives.”  – Stormie Omartian In Out of Darkness: My Story of Finding True Light and Liberation, Stormie Omartian shares her compelling story of a childhood marred by physical and emotional abuse[…]