Logic’s End by Keith A. Robinson

Logic's End by Keith A. RobinsonLogic’s End is Keith Robinson’s first novel and the first book in the Origin’s Trilogy, a unique piece of Christian fiction book that mixes apologetics and science fiction that is excellent to give away to any seeker who’s into sci-fiction. 

In the near future, when planetary space travel has become possible, a NASA planet-finder telescope discovers a planet that has the necessary requirements to produce life. Rebecca Evans, a staunch evolutionary scientist, is one of the people chosen to visit the planet. After arriving on the surface, she is kidnapped and finds herself caught in the middle of an ongoing planetary war between alien clans. In an effort to escape, she makes a deal with one of the clans to exchange precious technology for her freedom. She soon finds out that on Ka’esh, you cannot trust anyone. For on this planet, survival of the fittest is played out to its logical end. Her journey of discovery turns into a search for truth as she begins to question the very foundations of all that she believes about the origin of life

  • Makes you think beyond the “box” and really analyze the evolutionary agenda taught in the public arena – Jambo, Amazon Review
  • This was one of the best Christian Sci-fy I have read in a long time. It was very carefully laid out, easy to read and well written. Would highly recommend this book as an exciting and informative read. – J. Trombley, Amazon Review
  • I am a 13 year old boy and I LOVED THESE BOOKS! One of my favorite books I’ve read in my opinion. It really kept tying in the Christian faith. And reminds you that that you often just exempt the default worldview and don’t do any research for yourself. I would recommend this book to boys and girls 10+ or any adult. – Anonymous, Amazon Review

ISBN 0978845331, 288 pages, Anomalos Publishing


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