From Guru to God by Michael Graham

TFrom Guru to Godhe book, From Guru to God – An Experience of the Ultimate Truth, is a fascinating account of Michael Graham’s 28-year spiritual journey leading to the discovery of new life in Christ. Michael Graham was once the disciple of an Indian Swami and a teacher of New Age techniques until an unexpected encounter turned his life around.

Michael’s fascination with Eastern (New Age) Religion came when he was a teenager. But without any spiritual compass, Michael began studying books on Eastern Religion. For years, Michael practiced meditation, but couldn’t achieve the peace and calm that he strived for. Michael then went to India to studied under a famous guru whom will teach him how to fix his meditation. In the next years, Michael continued to studied and learned under famous gurus. But despite all these, Michael found that it wasn’t bringing forth the life changes he desired.

From Guru to God is an honest account of one disciplined seeker and how he found the truth in Christ. This book is highly recommended to everyone wo are interested in New Age mysticism and those who are earnestly seeking for meaning and truth.

ISBN – 8173627606, 232 pages, Publisher – Michael Graham Company



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