Bloodline by John Turnipseed and Cecil Murphey

bloodlineIn Bloodline: You Spend Enough Time in Hell You Get the Feeling You Belong, John Turnipseed shares his journey from a lost and frightened boy to a notorious gang leader, drug dealer and pimp to one of the nation’s most respected pioneers of community restoration. John Turnipseed’s story of transformation and restoration is told with unflinching honesty and contagious hope.

Torn from an idyllic life with a loving, extended family in 1960’s Alabama, young John found himself in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a father, once a deacon and a member of the church choir, became a violent drunk who beat his mother on a regular daily. Turnipseed rebelled against God at a very young age and began running errands for pimps in exchange for sex with prostitutes at age 12. Then he was kicked out of school by age 16 for threatening to kill his principal while he was high on illegal drugs. As an adult, Turnipseed became much involved in illegal activities and was constantly in and out of prison. His son and stepson both followed his steps. And Turnipseed didn’t begin to seek God until his son was shot. And though he was in prison at the time, he cried out to God.

John Turnipseed is a living testimony of the transformational power of Jesus Christ. He is now a licensed minister and is now vice president of the Center for Fathering at Urban Ventures in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Overcoming the deadly effects of a violent, absent father and the downward spiral of gang life, John is passionate about helping rebuild relationships and successful living.

  • “The story of redemption and all of its complexity is wonderfully told with a clarity not often experienced in other stories. John’s life story will be an inspiration to many to stay in the fight!” S. Anderson, Amazon Review
  • “Bloodline is a terrific story of forgiveness, redemption, and transformation. I commend John Turnipseed for displaying “the ugly truth.” The story could be for adults in capturing the idea of true transformation, but also a story for young teenagers in understanding the temptations and struggles they may face in the inner city. It also hosts as a warning to at risk youth. This book is a very easy read and a definite page turner. This book will be a gift to a couple of my family members in hopes that John’s story will ignite a desire for change.” A. Mayfield, Amazon Review
  • “I was hooked on this book after the first paragraph. As you read about all the tragedy and violence in John’s life you think there’s no way this life can be redeemed. Without Christ, maybe not. This book is a powerful example of the redeeming love and power to change a life that is only found in Christ Jesus. I think this book should be required reading for all troubled youth. They need to know there’s hope in their lives.” A. Loveridge, Amazon Review

ISBN 1424549388, 224 pages, Publisher – Broadstreet Publishing Group LLC



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