Out of Darkness by Stormie Omartian

Out of Darkness, Stormie Omartian, abuse, occult, suicide, depression, books for evangelism, evangelism, book review, “I have a burning desire to tell people who are hurting that there is a way out of their pain. There is hope for their lives.”  – Stormie Omartian

In Out of Darkness: My Story of Finding True Light and Liberation, Stormie Omartian shares her compelling story of a childhood marred by physical and emotional abuse that eventually led her into the world of occult, drugs, and tragic relationships. Finding herself overwhelmed by fear and on the verge of suicide, Stormie shares the turning point that changed her life and reveals the healing process that brought freedom and wholeness beyond what she ever imagined. In this poignant drama, there is help and hope for anyone who has been scarred by the past or feels imprisoned by deep emotional needs. It is a glorious story of how God can bring life out of death, life out of darkness.

  • “I recommend this book for anyone who has not seen a way out of their own miserable dark lives or anyone who has severe depression because Stormie Omartian is telling her real life story and it is almost unbelievable what she went through as a child and in her young adult years her search for happiness in all the wrong places only to bring her into more depression and darkness, until she found her hope was in the Lord Jesus Christ who had the real plan for her life. If Stormie Omartian can rise above the dark depression and come out forgiving those who hurt her, God can do it for you too.” – D. Headley, Amazon

ISBN 0736950575, 272 pages, Publisher – Harvest House Publishers


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