Authentic Enlightenment by Vail Carruth

authentic enlightenmentIn Authentic Enlightenment, Vail Carruth tells her spiritual journey from being heavily devoted in Transcendental Meditation (also know as TM), a kind yoga discipline to finding the ultimate truth that she only found in Christ.

Vail devoted herself to TM, seeking answers in life. She studied directly under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and advanced to the point of becoming a certified teacher. However, TM  served to turn Vail inward. Though it calmed the senses and opened her to supernatural experiences, Vail felt that there was something missing. Then Vail received an experience of ultimate reality that changed the course of her life.

Authentic Enlightenment is an eye-opening book that shares Vail’s journey through Eastern religions to the Biblical worldview that she now embraces. This is an excellent book to give to anyone who’s involved with TM, or to those who are seeking answers in life.


ISBN – 0942507428, 240 pages, Publisher – Deeper Revelation Books


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