A Channel of Deceit by Robin Harfouche

channel of deceitIn A Channel of Deceit, Robin Harfouche tells us about her search for truth and love in the midst from the abuse that she experienced. Her search took her to the New Age practices before leaving her depressed, broken, and unable to do what she loved more than anything – dance.

Robin found herself crippled after a freak accident at a posh Hollywood eatery. Her doctors inform her that she would never walk again adn Robin knew that her career is over, and her life was soon to follow. With no hope in sight, Robin thought about ending her own life, but that very night she received a call from her friend, inviting her to church.

The Lord interrupted her plans, and in that church she had a miraculous encounter with Jesus Christ that finally brought her the truth that she had been searching for.

Robin’s powerful testimony reminds us the power of God and how He can make a difference in our lives if we are willing to surrender everything to Him.

  • “This book is now being placed in the hands of every female inmate in America and Australia as a source of hope for change when all odds are against you. This book was a tool that changed my life.” Amazon Review
  • “This book is a heart to heart book from Dr. Robin. I can’t put it down!!! I have bought extra copies to be given to my friends and they themselves can’t put it down. Most of them read it in 2-3 hours!!! This book exposes the reality of life, especially one from Hollywood. I recommend it to everyone that is hungry for the TRUTH.” Amazon Review

ISBN 0884193217, 153 pages, Publisher – Creation House


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