Wherever I Wind Up by R. A. Dickey

Wherever I Wind Up by R. A. DickeyIn Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity, and the Perfect Knuckleball, Robert Allen Dickey tells his story from his childhood to his professional career as a Major League Baseball Player.

In 1996, Dickey was heralded as a first-round draft choice. Then, a routine physical revealed that his right elbow was missing a ligament, thus his lifelong dream, along with his $810,000 signing bonus was taken away from him. But despite this, Dickey battled back – sustained with his faith, his family’s love and support and a relentless quest for self-awareness, Dickey is now the starting pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays (he was previously a star pitcher for the New York Mets) and one of the National League’s premier players, as well as the winner of the 2012 Cy Young award.

Not only that he provides the readers an inside account in the world of sports he’s in, he also tells us his upbringing – being a victim of sexual abuse when he’s eight at the hands of his babysitter, growing up in Nashville with his alcoholic mother, sleeping in vacant houses when he’s a teenager, and surrendering his life to Jesus. Dickey tells the readers how through his faith he overcomed the trials that he faced both in his personal and in his professional career.

  • “To the reviews which claim this was too preachy, I disagree. He mentions his faith and his spirituality, but without judgment, just stating facts. He does not attempt to push his beliefs on any reader. In fact, his lack of preachiness tends to draw me toward his faith…” – Jimi, Amazon Review

ISBN 0452299012, 368 pages, Publisher – Plume


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