Gunning for God by John Lennox

‘Gunning for God’ is an excellent book to give to your discerning unbelieving relatives and friends. Reading this book will not only give them a detailed rebuttal of the new atheist claims but will also provide them an equally detailed defense of the Christian faith.  Written by popular Christian apologist and scientist, John Lennox, Gunning[…]

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Who Made God? by Edgar Andrews

Presenting scientific and logically sound arguments supporting the Christian worldview, ‘Who Made God?’ is an excellent resource for scientific atheists, agnostics and even skeptics of the Christian faith.  Written by Professor Edgar Andrews (BSc, PhD, DSc, FInstP, FIMMM, CEng, CPhys.), Emeritus Professor of Materials at the University of London and an international expert on the science of[…]

Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller

Offering a fresh and original perspective on life, love and redemption, Donald Miller’s ‘Blue Like Jazz’ is an engaging book for anyone seeking an encounter with God and for those who are yearning for a renewed sense of passion in life. Recommended for non-believers and seekers.  Blue Like Jazz: Non-Religious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality is[…]

Five Sacred Crossing by Craig Hazen

‘Five Sacred Crossing’ presents the Christian worldview’s uniqueness through creative fiction. Although it is fictional, the story is very realistic with compelling content. This book provides a strong case for Christianity in a non-threatening way which we highly recommend for non-believers and seekers alike.  Written by Craig Hazen, Founder and  Director of Biola University’s graduate program[…]

Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis

Written by one of the most influential Christian writers of the 20th century, C.S. Lewis’ ‘Mere Christianity’ provides a defense of the core beliefs and truths of Christianity. Book recommended for believers and non-believers alike.  Mere Christianity is C.S. Lewis’ most popular apologetic book which are adapted from a series of BBC radio talks between[…]

Is The Bible True... Really? By Josh McDowell and Dave Sterrett, Skepticism, skeptics, Holy Bible, Novella, The Coffeehouse Chronicles, Books For Evangelism, evangelism, book review,

Is The Bible True… Really? By Josh McDowell and Dave Sterrett

If you have questions or serious doubts about the Bible, McDowell and Sterrett’s ‘Is the Bible True… Really?’ is an excellent resource that can provide you with an easy-to-understand arguments for the reliability of the Holy Scripture. Recommended for agnostics or a skeptics.    The Coffeehouse Chronicles by Josh McDowell and Dave Sterrett is a series of short,[…]

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The Language of God by Francis S. Collins

Providing the best argument for the integration of science and faith, Francis S. Collins’ ‘The Language of God’ is an excellent resource for non-believers when questioning their own agnosticism and atheism. Francis S. Collins used his faith in God and his professional expertise to present a powerful case for the integration of Science and the[…]

Jesus Among Other Gods by Ravi Zacharias

Skeptic about Christianity and how it differs from other major world religions? Ravi Zacharias’ ‘Jesus Among Other God’ is an excellent book to begin with. Also recommended for non-believers and seekers.  Tolerance prevails in postmodernism. You can believe anything as long as you don’t declare it to be the sole truth; and be sure to leave Jesus out[…]