Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity is Nabeel Qureshi’s amazing tale of his dramatic conversion from being a devout Muslim to being a follower of Jesus Christ. As a sincere young man, Qureshi was trying his best to learn more about Allah and about Islam but only fall in love in Jesus Christ in the[…]

God’s Double Agent by Bob Fu and Nancy French

God’s Double Agent: The True Story of a Chinese Christian’s Fight for Freedom tells the amazing and riveting story of Bob Fu who stood up against Communist Chinese leaders, was once imprisoned, and escaped to America. This is an excellent book to give to almost anyone, especially to those who are curious about the persecution of[…]

Jesus with Dirty Feet by Don Everts

‘Jesus with Dirty Feet’ is an excellent book directed at seekers who are trying to find out who Jesus is all about and to skeptics of the Christian faith.  In Jesus with Dirty Feet: A Down-To-Earth Look at Christianity for the Curious and Skeptical, Don Everts tells the history and origins of the Christian faith and explains[…]

The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict by Josh McDowell

In ‘The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict’, McDowell concentrated on addressing the questions asked by non-Christians.Through emphasizing historical and legal proofs, McDowell establishes the authenticity of the Biblical texts and the divinity of Jesus Christ. An excellent read for those who are earnest seekers and skeptics of the Christian faith.  Written by bestselling author and[…]

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No Compromise: The Life Story of Keith Green by Melody Green

If you are looking for answers to life’s big questions, then Keith Green’s biography – ‘No Compromise’ is for you.  Keith Green is probably known for some of his best songs such as “Your Love Broke Through,” “You Put This Love In My Heart,” and “Asleep In The Light.” In No Compromise: The Life Story of[…]