How Good is Good Enough? by Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley’s ‘How Good is Good Enough’ is an excellent book written for seekers and skeptics who think that being good is the key to heaven.

‘How Good is Good Enough’ is an excellent book to read if you wonder about God, the Bible or Heaven. If you are a believer, this is good tool to give to non-believers who are searching, wondering and questioning spiritual areas of existence. Andy Stanley takes on some of the common questions that most people have about Christianity as well as the most common belief that people hold such as ‘good people go to heaven‘. Stanley answers the objections to the Christian message and point the readers to the plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. How Good is Good Enough is a good resource for those who want to communicate clearly to others the reason for Jesus’ death on the cross and for those who are searching for the truth of how they can be certain of where they will spend eternity. Recommended for seekers.

  • ” This book leads readers to consider the fallacies of trusting in anything other than Jesus Christ.” – M. Hornok, Amazon Review
  • “This book was sent to 2 incarcerated persons. They both read it and loved it and gained new insights into the topic of salvation by faith alone and not by good works.” – M. Garland, Amazon Review
  • “The size and length of the book makes it a wonderful evangelism tool. Buy several copies and keep them in your vehicle to hand out.” – B. Roden, Amazon Review
  • “I have given it away to several people hoping to turn their heart toward Jesus.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “A great tool for Christians to use in reaching out with the gospel message to those seekers that are around them.” – Kerry, Amazon Review
  • “I had read this book before but purchased it because it is a good evangelism tool. It makes sense to people who don’t understand why Jesus is necessary for salvation and it offers a good succinct explanation.” – Colleen, Amazon Review
  • “I did order extra copies and have given them to my friends, who say they loved the method of enlightenment.” – D. Stockman, Amazon Review

ISBN 1590523598, 94 pages, Publisher – Multnomah Publishers


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