Unbroken by Tracy Elliott

Unbroken is a personal account of Tracy Elliott’s life that we recommend for anyone who has been sexually and emotionally abused. 

Unbroken is Tracy Elliott’s honest memoir that will take the readers to her deeply impacting story of how her rough life was put back together by the power of God. Orphaned by the age of six, she was sent to live with her grandmother with five unemployed and alcoholic uncles where she witnessed constant violence and experienced abuse. Later in life, she made wrong choices and joined the wrong crowd that paved the way for abusing both alcohol and illegal drugs. In order to support herself, she became a stripper in her mid-twenties until the day she met her husband. Now married and a mother of three, Tracy tells her story through this book how her life was put back together by the grace of God and using this platform to help others who have issues similar to those she’s faced in life.

  • “The author’s honest, real faith is captivating to readers, proclaiming the truth that Jesus has the power to heal anyone from a stained past. This is a beautiful book, with a message the world desperately needs to hear: just because you had a bad childhood doesn’t mean your life can never be whole again.” – H. Ivester, Amazon Review
  • ” I love this book, because it’s very personal and comes from her heart of what the true meaning of love really means.Tracy’s story is inspirational and encouraging to people who have grown up in hard situations that God is the only solution you can turn to, and he will never let you down.” – Laura, Amazon Review
  • “God loves us unconditionally regardless of our background is the message that I got from this book.” – Pearl, Goodreads
ISBN 1401605281, 226 pages, Publisher – Thomas Nelson

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