Unbroken by Tracy Elliott

Unbroken is a personal account of Tracy Elliott’s life that we recommend for anyone who has been sexually and emotionally abused.  Unbroken is Tracy Elliott’s honest memoir that will take the readers to her deeply impacting story of how her rough life was put back together by the power of God. Orphaned by the age of six, she was[…]

SEAL of God by Chad Williams

Written by Chad Williams together with David Thomas, SEAL of God tells the journey of Chad from the years of being an undisciplined youth with no direction in life, to a US Navy SEAL, to ultimately an evangelist. This book is an excellent resource that we recommend to anyone who are in military service. This book[…]

Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow

We recommend Through My Eyes for everyone (not just football and Tebow’s fans) who would like to look into the mind of America’s favorite quarterback as well as for kids, teenagers and young adult.  An inspirational book penned by Tim Tebow together with Nathan Whitaker, Through My Eyes details Tebow’s story growing up from the Philippines to Jacksonville, Florida,[…]