Illegitimate by Brian J. Mackert and Susan Martins Miller

Illegitimate by Brian J. Mackert and Susan Martins Miller, FLDS Church, Polygamy, Conversion, Books For Evangelism, evangelism, book review, Illegitimate tells the remarkable story of Brian J. Mackert inside the walls of Fundamentalist Church  of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) and the devastating realities of polygamy. Book recommended for anyone who believes that polygamous relationship is normal. 

Illegitimate: How a Loving God Rescued a Son of Polygamy is a first-hand account of Brian Mackert about the devastating realities of polygamous cults as well as how it affected him and those who are close to him. Born and raised in a splinter group of the Latter-day Saints that endorses polygamy, Brian was the youngest in a family of one father, four wives and 31 children. Although he have a family around, he never experienced genuine love from his father. Brian was always lonely and afraid and he also suffered abuse from his father. In this book, Brian also discloses his feelings about his father and his desire to kill him. Ultimately, Illegitimate is also a story of triumph and finding the real love of a gracious God and how it it brought him peace and freedom. 

  • “Reading Illegitimate was a deeply personal and troubling experience for me. Having been raised in a Mormon home (polygamy free) as a young child, it is only as an adult that that I have begun to explore the roots of that religious system. Like Mackert I too have experienced the deep hypocrisy, sexual abuse, and circular reasoning that seem to spring from these beliefs. His fall into anger towards God and family upon leaving the church is also heartbreakingly familiar in both myself and other family members. Oh, how thankful I am to be the child of a God that is patient, that draws lost sheep like Brian, a number of his siblings, and myself into His loving embrace… Unlike similar expose biographies exposing the FLDS cult, Mackert’s work goes beyond the disillusionment, the grief, the pain and reveals the true gospel that he was denied as a child. He shares the unfolding of God’s free gift of grace, that boundless love free of performance expectations. The transformation that came over his life upon truly meeting Jesus, resulted in forgiveness and grace shed abroad upon those who harmed him.” – Jennifer, Amazon Review
  • “This book makes me want to become an activist for abandoned children. A need to read by polygamist defenders and parents who aren’t paying attention to the souls of our children.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “Anyone who has known disappointment and pain in a personal relationship will relate to this book, and gain hope and encouragement through Brian’s inspiring story! Totally captivating!” – Anonymous, Barnes and Noble
ISBN 1434766918, 288 pages, Publisher – David C. Cook

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