In His Image by James BeauSeigneur

A debut thriller by a former NSA intelligence analyst, speculating on what would happen if the Second Coming of Christ were produced by cloning. In His Image is thoroughly entertaining and engaging book recommended for readers who are into Tom Clancy types of novels. 

What if Jesus Christ was cloned?” is the basic premise of James BeauSeigneur’s In His Image, the first installment in the Christ Clone trilogy. The story kicks off when journalist Decker Hawthorne, figures out a way to get himself on a team that is investigating the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin. One of the scientist, Professor Harry Goodman finds human dermal cells on the Shroud  and is able to clone those cells into a living human. Professor Goodman clones the cells and with the help of a surrogate mother, gives birth to Christopher and passes him off as his orphaned nephew. But a handful of insiders know the real story, among them Goodman’s ex-student Decker Hawthorne (a journalist who covered the shroud investigation) and Israeli physicist Joshua Rosen. Christopher’s coming into the world coincides with a series of disasters, plagues and a full-scale war in the Middle East. In His Image is a though-provoking fiction novel that will make its readers reflect upon the state of the world.

  • “This book takes you on a roller coaster ride giving numerous plausible explanations to many questions that I have often pondered about the end times. I’m not saying it’s gospel, but it certainly leaves you thinking, “whoa, that could really happen.” I am certain you will find yourself sitting at work thinking about this book anticipating the next time you get a chance to read it. It is a Great book. I recommend it to everyone!” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “In the final analysis, “In His Image” is a stirring, thought-provoking novel that will no doubt induce you to take pause and reflect upon the state of the world around you.” – M. Sanders, Amazon Review
  • “This entire series is great. For me, the detailed approach to explaining prophecy made it all so believable.” – Lindsay, Amazon Review
  • “After reading The Christ Clone Trilogy for a class, I realized how true they are. James BeauSeigneur has described the future and even though his books are fiction it’s hard to imagine how else the predictions of prophecy will come true if not as he describes them.” – D.  Courtney, Amazon Review

ISBN 0446613274, 528 pages, Publisher – FaithWords


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