Truth Seekers by Sid Roth and Mike Shreve

Written by Sid Roth (Author of They Thought for Themselves) and Mike Shreve, Truth Seekers: Ten Amazing People Who Found It! is an honest and thought-provoking book recommended for all spiritual seekers and for anyone you know who follows or practices New Age.

Truth Seekers is a collection of  ten amazing testimonies of ten different people coming in different areas of the New Age that found Jesus Christ. They all have the passion to know the truth and sincerely sought the answers about life questions such as meaning of life, origin and eternal destiny, and the ultimate reality. Both Sid Roth and Mike Shreve are extreme seekers. Sid Roth practiced Silva Mind Control while Mike Shreve once ran a Kundalini Yoga ashram. They both had amazing encounters with God that radically changed their lives. Together with their testimonies, eight different testimonies are included in the book: Robin Harfouche” – a rising star in Hollywood who experienced the dark side of the psychic realm, then received a miracle healing from God; “Stanley Petrowski“- a student of the world’s mystery religions who met God on a trek through the Himalayan Mountains; “Michael Graham” – a prominent follower of Swami Muktananda and teacher of the Avatar© Course who finally experienced true enlightenment; “Laurette Willis” – a Hatha Yoga teacher who was quite startled when God asked her a ‘dangerous question, ‘”Rafi Cohen” – an advanced disciple of Sai Baba who received an astonishing revelation; “Vail Carruth” – a teacher of Transcendental Meditation who learned the power of the Name of the Lord; “Jean LaCour” – a political activist who turned to yoga and Rosicrucianism before finding “the Way” and; “John Alper” – a follower of Yogananda who discovered the fountain of infinite life. 

  • “I was following New Age practices, but started slowly backing off due to a conflicted heart. I had started reading the Bible and watching Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! TV show. On December 28 of 2011, I finished reading the book and said one of the prayers turning over my life to Jesus. I was shocked by the pictures in my mind that were like a slide show, showing me even memories that I’d forgotten, but then quickly left, like they were being deleted. This is the only way to describe it. So if you are someone into modern psychic stuff, pagan things, etc., read this book and see what happened to these ten people – don’t make the mistakes they made before seeing the true light of the world. This book helped change my life!” – J. Connor, Amazon Review
  • “These stories are so powerful because after many years of their sincere search finally led them to back home, as in the story of the prodigal son in the New Testament. After their deep spiritual struggle and wandering in the spiritual wilderness, they really appreciate the love of God shown through Jesus Christ, the forgiveness of their sins, deep life giving communion with the Holy Spirit of God, and unequivocal assurance of eternal life. I highly recommend the book to anyone who is seeking the truth, especially those who are steeped into Eastern religions, New Age, or any other spiritual stuff but not satisfied. You may find all the answers you are searching for.” – James, Amazon Review
  • “I was looking for a book like this! Coming from a new age background and being saved from the lies and deception of satan. I was certified in 2nd degree Reiki and a certified Hypnotherapist. I renounced everything and now am set free. Jesus Christ is the real deal!” – R. Cohen, Amazon Review
ISBN 0768438004, 224 pages, Publisher – Destiny Image

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