In Search of the True Light by Mike Shreve

Written by Mike Shreve, In Search of the True Light is a thought-provoking book for anyone who is searching for spiritual meaning and purpose.

In Search of the True Light is a one-of-a-kind book that compares 20 different belief systems in different doctrinal areas (like The Nature of God and The Origin and Nature of Man). This book will answer essential questions surrounding religion and spirituality  such as:

Are all religions different paths to the same God?
—Are all names given to God equally legitimate?
—Is Ultimate Reality a personal God or an impersonal cosmic energy?
—What does it mean to be one with God?
—Is truth subjective or objective?
—Do human beings have one earthly existence or many reincarnations?
—Is the universe a creation of God or an emanation of God?
—Is there a final climactic end to the universe or endless cycles of creation?

In Search of the True Light also shares Mike Shreve’s personal spiritual journey from Eastern religions to Christianity. This book invites you to unveils the true light that will guide you from time to eternity!

  • “This is a wonderful and inspiring book for anyone who is searching for truth.”- C. Shealer, Amazon Review
  • “I highly recommend this book, In Search of the True Light, especially to those who are searching and those who are ministering to the searchers. – Marvin Sanders, American Family Radio Network
  • “In Search of the True Light is an insightful, powerfully written book that is perfect for truth seekers looking to learn more about other religions.” – D. Mcmurty, Amazon Review
  • “Mike Shreve has done a phenomenal job with this book. Never before have I found a book that lays all of these religions side-by-side and examines the similarities and differences with an unbiased approach. The conclusions are indisputable.” – C. Heddema, Amazon Review
ISBN 0942507738, 334 pages, Publisher – Deeper Revelation Books

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