Out of Devil’s Cauldron by John Ramirez

Out of the Devil’s Cauldron: A Journey from Darkness to Light is a riveting book that you can share with unsaved people bound by the occult or followers of Satanism, Spiritualism and other cults. 

John Ramirez will take you into the hidden world of the occult where he served his master Satan with full devotion for twenty-five years until his encounter with Jesus Christ that changed the course of his life. John’s story  began in the Bronx where his family and relatives practiced Santeria. John grew up in a home where there was no love and compassion as his father was very abusive. He was initiated into the occult world of Santeria at a very young age of 10 by his Aunt Maria and from there he becomes acquainted with the Satanic world that holds him captive for 25 years. John was trained to be the third-ranked high priest of a satanic cult in New York City where he casts powerful witchcraft spells and controls entire spiritual regions. His encounter with Jesus Christ radically changed his life and now he  is a Christian evangelist who loves to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever he goes. 

  • “I, like Brother John, was lost in the world of Santeria and Palo for almost 20 years of my life. Just finished reading this book and it moved me so much! I have been physically sick all year long and nothing in my occult religion of Santeria/Palo was helping. After finishing this book, I decided to say the prayer at the end of the book and was immediately overcome by sleep. I finally slept for 8 years and when I awoke, I decided to turn my life over to the one true God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit filled me and I dumped all my satanic hardware. Immediately, I was healed of all my aches and pains and now feel like a 25 year-old man. This book saved my life!” – W. Alvarez, Amazon Review
  • “This book really hit close to home because I was walking down that dark path of life and I was looking for the strength to get out because the Lord was opening my eyes that this was not right but fear was keeping me from taking that final step, but after I read this book it made me see that there was no reason for me to fear.” – Susie, Amazon Review
  • “Thank you John for this book. I am a 14 year old boy who has been through a struggle with religion and I want to say that your book has shown me that it is not too late to go back to God.” – I. Guss, Amazon Review
  • “I want to thank John for exposing the truth behind santeria and witchcraft because it helped to break some strongholds in my life and I believe it will do the same for many others.” – Diana, Amazon Review
  • “This book is an awesome tool for ministry.” – Wesley, Amazon Review
  • “Asking Jesus to come into my heart when I was 16 had led me on a path into the Word of God that has taught me to stay away from fortune telling and witchcraft. Now at 30 I am still praying for my family who has a specific attraction to all things dark, from death metal music to a hatred of all things of Christ or the church. I know only that Jesus can save them but I thank God for this tool to touch their hearts to the idea that if you do not understand what the plan of satan is then you will never fight him and he will win over your life.” Paulina, Amazon Review
  • “This book will show how real Satan, hell and Jesus really are. I was captivated by this book as soon as I started reading it, as I finished it in about 6 hours. This book will transform your heart.” – Denise, Amazon Review
  • “This book has blessed my life. An important book that helps unlock the secrets of the lying and deceiving devil. It will help many that are entrapped by the lie that ANY witchcraft is godly.” Jfret, Amazon Review
  • “This is a real eye opener, especially for anyone that is unaware of how big an influence the occult has on today’s society.” – Mike, Amazon Review
  • “Recently, my oldest son got arrested and while he sat in jail I sent him Brother John’s book to read, and he was so touched and Blessed that he has been passing the book around to different inmates to read.” – Mel, Amazon Review
ISBN 0985604301, 232 pages, Publisher – Heaven and Earth Media

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