The Gospel According to Rome by James McCarthy

The Gospel According to Rome is an excellent resource recommended for truth seekers – Catholics or non Catholics.

Written by James McCarthy, The Gospel According to Rome is a compelling, concise and well-organized resource book presenting the case for the Protestant view of the Catholic tradition. As a former Catholic and a missionary to Ireland having been immersed in the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, McCarthy states that he has written this book because he has a great debt to several Roman Catholics and wants them to get saved like he did (p. 12). The Gospel According to Rome provides a side-by-side comparison of the Biblical Scripture and the first worldwide Catholic Catechism. It also examines: how the modern Catholicism views grace, works and heaven; the 24 ways the Catholic plan of salvation still stands in contrast to biblical truth; a balanced overview of how the authority structure of the Roman Catholic Church compares with that of the New Testament church; and an explanation of how participation in the Mass and other sacraments is inconsistent with faith in Christ as Savior.

  • “I have lent my copy to Catholic friends (including one Jesuit) and none have so far attempted to refute any of its contents.” – D. Whitla, Amazon Review
  • “I dare you read this book. I used this book to inform myself of the facts that as a former catholic since I myself did not know about my religion. I was a good catholic, followed protocol and obeyed commandments from the church. I stood, I bowed, I kneeled, I confessed, I hailed Mary and I did not know God personally.” – V. Cundy, Amazon Review
  • “If you want to know the truth, read this book. The author is a former Roman Catholic so it not written by some outsider to their religion.” – J. Thomas, Amazon Review
  • “I have read several books on the subject of Roman Catholicism from the Biblical perspective and in my opinion, this is the single best book on the subject because it clearly, thoroughly, and accurately compares Roman Catholic doctrine to Biblical truth.” – E. Emet, Amazon Review
  • “If you are a Catholic, read this book. Read this with an open mind and then do some research. I definitely recommends this book to Catholics and non Catholics.” – D. Southern, Amazon Review
  •  “I like this book.This book was recommended to me by a friend who used to be a Catholic and ended up becoming a Protestant.” – Snoke, Amazon Review
  • “I would highly recommend this book to Catholics and Christians alike.” Dr. G. Gulan

ISBN 1565071077, 408 pages, Publisher – Harvest House Publishers


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