Preparing for Eternity by Mike Gendron

Preparing For Eternity is a book that encourages Roman Catholics to know the truth and ¬†is also recommended for Christians who would like to witness to their Catholic friends. Written by Mike Gendron, Preparing for Eternity presents an objective contrast between the Word of God and the traditions and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church.[…]

When Catholics Die by Richard Noll

When Catholic Die is an excellent and very informng book that we recommend for Roman Catholics. For 64 years, Richard Noll was a devout Catholic. Being obedient to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, Noll followed the traditions and yet he felt something was missing in his spiritual life. It was then that he[…]

The Gospel According to Rome by James McCarthy

The Gospel According to Rome is an excellent resource¬†recommended for truth seekers – Catholics or non Catholics. Written by James McCarthy, The Gospel According to Rome is a compelling, concise and well-organized resource book presenting the case for the Protestant view of the Catholic tradition. As a former Catholic and a missionary to Ireland having[…]