SEAL of God by Chad Williams

Written by Chad Williams together with David Thomas, SEAL of God tells the journey of Chad from the years of being an undisciplined youth with no direction in life, to a US Navy SEAL, to ultimately an evangelist. This book is an excellent resource that we recommend to anyone who are in military service.

This book is about the story of Chad, who grew up in a Christian home but was distant from God. One day, he decided that he wanted to become a Navy SEAL. Out of frustration to his immaturity, his dad contacted Scott Helvenston, a former SEAL to dissuade him and show to him that being a SEAL is hard. Instead, Helvenston became his mentor, a friend and like his second dad. Days before Chad was to report to military duty in Great Lakes in Illinois, he found out from the news that his mentor, Helvenston was killed on the roads of Fullujah, Iraq. Driven by intense rage and desire to avenge his mentor, his goal of becoming a SEAL became an obsession. Chad’s goal made him feel empty and lonely inside that when he was home for weekend, he would drink and fight and engages in self destructive behavior. But when he goes to an evangelistic crusade he became a Christian and his life was radically changed. Part memoir, part evangelism piece, SEAL of God is a riveting journey not only into the life of SEAL recruit, but also the aftermath of what faith in Jesus Christ did to his mindset and his career. 

  • “This book is a story about the greatest sacrifice ever made for all of mankind when Jesus paid the ultimate price for us. It is amazing to see the change that Jesus made in Chads life.” – W. Austin, Amazon Review
  • “This book shows a transformation of a rebellious life to that of a transformed life in Jesus.”
  • “This book was a compelling story with an excellent gospel message.”
  • opposition. If you’ve ever desired to preach the gospel to those around you, get this book.” – T. Burton, Amazon Review
  • If you’re looking for a book that demonstrates how God can change the life of a rebel this is the book.” – D. Rees
  • I realized what a great gift and testimony for young people — especially young boys. I am buying copies for all my grandsons for Christmas. I found this to be a powerful, but not really “too preachy”, testimony of the very real power of a true, heart-felt conversion.” – P. Blackwell 
  • “Fantastic book, a must read for any one who needs the Gospel.” – David, Goodreads
  • For those who believe their heart is not open to the Lord’s leading, this book is for you.” – M. Ingalls, Christian Book
  • “I think he did a great job explaining the Gospel message in the end and anyone who reads this book will be challenged by that message.” – Christian Book
ISBN 1414368747, 304 pages, Publisher – Tyndale House Books

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