Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow

We recommend Through My Eyes for everyone (not just football and Tebow’s fans) who would like to look into the mind of America’s favorite quarterback as well as for kids, teenagers and young adult. 

An inspirational book penned by Tim Tebow together with Nathan Whitaker, Through My Eyes details Tebow’s story growing up from the Philippines to Jacksonville, Florida, his high school football career and his legendary career at the University of Florida where he became the first sophomore in NCAA history to win the Heisman trophy in 2007 and being drafted in the first round of the NFL draft by the Denver Broncos. What makes Tim Tebow’s story different aside from being one of the most influential football players in NFL history is his great love for his family and his faith in God. Tebow also writes in this book about his experience being homeschooled and how he dealt with dyslexia up to his journey how he became one of the most accomplished players in college football history. Moreover, readers will also discover that at a very young age, Tim already has a passion for sports. Tebow’s faith is woven throughout the book, each chapter starts with a Bible verse that helped him through the most difficult times and verses he rejoiced over when the blessings comes his way. Tebow’s story gives a strong message about fairness, honesty, Godly living, teamwork and good American morals which can be attained through diligence and spiritual improvement. 

  • “You can question why Tim Tebow felt he was ready to write his memoir at such a young age. The answer should be very clear. He is using his experience to spread the word of Christianity, so why wait until he’s an old man? He is using his exposure in football to reach as many people as he can, right now.” Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “This book will help those trying to find faith”. – D. Williams
  • “This book opened my eyes to the words of God. It was so awe-inspiring to hear about Tim’s childhood and his battles against criticism on the way to becoming a dynamic quarterback, as well. I was very pleased with this book!” – Jordan, Goodreads
  • “What a great learning tool for teaching young people how to live for God!” D. Kilpatrick
  • “I gave this to my nephew who was beginning his first year of football and it helped him focus to be the best he could be and be humble about it.” – T. Bear
  • “I am thrilled to have a book and a role model I can share with my teenage son.” – Pam, Amazon Review 
  • “Tebow knows that his main goal in life it to spread the word of Jesus Christ and his word to as many people as possible, whether it be through his football career or his missionary work.” – L. Parnham, Goodreads

ISBN 0062007289, 272 pages, Publisher – Harper



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