Preparing for Eternity by Mike Gendron

Preparing For Eternity is a book that encourages Roman Catholics to know the truth and  is also recommended for Christians who would like to witness to their Catholic friends.

Written by Mike Gendron, Preparing for Eternity presents an objective contrast between the Word of God and the traditions and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. As the title suggests, the author will prepare the readers for eternity by showing to them that the Lord Jesus Christ is sufficient to save sinners. Moreover, this book is an excellent discipleship manual for Roman Catholics who have not discovered the narrow road that leads to eternal life. With only 192 pages, this book focuses more on the differences between the teachings and doctrines written in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Holy Bible. Some topics includes authority, salvation, Mary, the mass, and more. The author knows his subject well, having spent 37 years in the Catholic religion. With love and compassion, the author presents the truth for those who are where he once was, destined for an eternity without Jesus Christ and not even aware of it.

  • “In the 19 years that I was a Catholic, I never opened a Bible. Unfortunately, as a result, I did not have the opportunity to compare the doctrines that I was taught in catechism class to what the Bible actually teaches. However, things changed dramatically when, at the age of 19, I began to study the Bible for myself.I was surprised and was saddened to learn that many of the doctrines that were taught to me when I was a child do not agree with the Scriptures. That is the reason why a book like “Preparing Catholics for Eternity” is so needful” – P. Tautges, Amazon Review
  • “The intent of this book is to persuade Roman Catholics to personally place their complete trust in Jesus Christ, His word, His grace, His redemption, His perfect sacrifice, His substitution atonement, and His finished work, so they can be saved from the power and penalty of sin and become children of God.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • This book helps the reader understand the limitations of the Catholic faith and Christian will be well-equiped to give the Truth to Catholics.” – C. Keller
  • “This book is filled with contradictions between what Catholicism teaches and what the Bible teaches.” – Jeremy
  • “This book exposes the contradictions between the Bible and the Roman Catholic Church. What the author is telling to you is to read the Bible and find for yourself.” -A. Manning
ISBN 0982615574, 192 pages, Publisher – 21st Century Press

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