The Unusual Suspect by Stephen Baldwin and Mark Tabb

The Unusual Suspect by Stephen Baldwin, Stephen Baldwin testimony, Stephen Baldwin conversion, Baldwin brothers, Alec Baldwin brother, book review, books for evangelism, evangelism, Recommended for teenagers and young adult, The Unusual Suspect in entertaining, encouraging and uplifting book that shows how a  man who really had it all is still willing to lose everything for something greater. 

Raised in a middle-class Irish Catholic family in Massapequa, New York and the youngest among the notable actors – Alec, Daniel and William, sometimes collectively known as the Baldwin brothers, Stephen offers the readers an unusual Hollywood book which shows his dramatic transformation from hardcore party boy to a follower of Jesus Christ. Stephen Baldwin’s autobiography, The Unusual Suspect: My Calling to the New Hardcore Movement of Faith offers an inspirational look from his personal life, his career and celebrity status, his account of finding God and founding his ministry. He also discusses how his new faith affected his family, the events that brought him to surrender his life to Christ and offers randomly presented musings on marriage, prayer, purity, divine intervention and evangelism.

  • “This book both tells of Stephen’s conversion to Christianity and is also written as an evangelistic tool to share Christ with others.” – Lily, Amazon Review
  • “I’m impressed with this book and I have passed it on and will buy another for my personal library. Stephen’s experiences inspired me to crack my Bible again after many years of neglect” – K. Rake, Amazon Review
  • “But he goes on to talk about what Christians are called to do – go forth and make disciples. He is very blunt in his challenge to believers everywhere.” – K. Bible, Amazon Review
  • “I intend to use to reach my unsaved kids. He speaks on their level and yet never wavers from ‘The Truth'”. Mrs. Q, Amazon Review
  • “This is an awesome book! Use this book as a ministry tool to share the gospel! If the Lord can change his heart, he can change anyone!” – M. D’ortenzio, Amazon Review
  • “Stephen Baldwin did a great work to bring our young people to the Lord. There is no better way to connect to this generation than to get out there and get involved in what they are interested in and making it a positive experience. Our youths are looking for role models and they will find someone to follow. Stephen Baldwin brings them to the Lord by showing to them that they can still be interested in their music, sports and friends but in a positive way.” – Lauren
  • “I have a gut feeling that this book is just what the youth of today need.” H. Metcalf
ISBN 0446579750, 304 pages, Publisher – FaithWords

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