The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom

The Hiding Place is a book about how faith, compassion and love triumphs in the face of unspeakable evil. This book is recommended for everyone – nonbelievers and believer, specifically for people who have negative perspectives in life and those who are struggling to forgive other people.

The Hiding Place is the inspirational story of Cornelia ‘Corrie‘ Ten Boom and how she and her family were involved in the underground movement to hide Dutch Jews from the Nazi Germans during the World War II. Corrie and her family are Christians and they saw the need to help and save Dutch Jews from the Nazi German’s harsh persecution that time. And so, the Ten Booms got involved in the Holland underground movement and soon her family’s house became the underground headquarters at the risk of their own lives. Corrie’s father, a kindly, religious man, summed up his thoughts about the Nazis by saying to her, “I pity them Corrie. They have touched the apple of God’s eye.” The Ten Booms continue to help save Dutch Jews until their efforts were discovered. In February of 1944, Corrie and her entire family was arrested and the Nazis sent them to a concentration camp. Corrie’s father and sister die in captivity, but Corrie survived and lived to share her story of God’s amazing love and forgiveness even to her Nazi captors. 

  • “A few years ago, I was dealing with anxiety attacks and I thought my life was bad and it couldn’t get any worse. After reading this book (as suggested by my counselor), I realized that my problems were small and I was comforted knowing at any time there was someone I could turn to for love, re-assurance and eternal salvation. My Lord Jesus Christ.” T. Jennette, Amazon Review
  • “This book has changed my life’s perspective. It has jarred open a faith and trust in the Lord I never had before.” – Vanessa, Amazon Review
  • “I will not go into detail on this very public site about what this author, and her book, mean to me. Suffice it to say that I would not be alive today, without having heard Corrie’s message of God’s infinite love. As a psychiatrist, I have bought, and given away to patients, at least 50 copies of this book over the past two decades. It is more powerful than the strongest of antidepressants.” – K. Sherpa, Amazon Review
  • “This is my second book – The Hiding Place which was purchased for a nonbeliever to read Corrie Ten Boom’s testimony.” Terri, Christian Book
  • “This book should be required reading in schools. No matter what faith or lack of a person has, just to know how quickly your life can change, how sudden you can lose everything, and from where do you find your strength.” – L. Snodgrass, Amazon Review
  • “I read this book for the first time in the late 1970’s. I was afraid of God at the time and a friend gave the book to me to read. This book was the beginning of changing my spiritual path. I have purchased this book since  then for individuals that I know are searching. To some it’s just a nice story about a couple of old women, but to others, it has given them a different perspective of a personal higher power.” -Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “This book will open your eyes to the beauty of life in Christ Jesus.”- Daniel, Christian Book

ISBN 0800794052, 272 pages, Publisher – Chosen Books


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