It’s All About Him by Denise Jackson

It's All About Him by Denise Jackson, Alan Jackson wife, alan Jackson wife testimony, alan denise jackson marital problem, books for evangelism, book review, evangelism, Denise Jackson’s It’s About Him is a book that can shed light how our Lord can help endure personal crisis that we recommend for couples who are struggling with marital problems. Also a great read for country music fans especially of Alan Jackson.

It’s All About Him: Finding the Love of My Life is the candid and inspirational story of Alan Jackson’s wife, Denise as she shares her story how her marriage fell apart and how her strong faith and commitment to our Lord saved her marriage. Alan Jackson is a Grammy-award winning singer and country music legend who sold more than 40 million records. Alan’s love story seemed like a fairy tale as he marry Denise, his high school sweetheart and they had three daughters. They pursued their dreams and  lived a life with wealth and fame. But real life is very different from fairy tales. Money and fame did not make up for the marital problems the Jackson’s had struggled with for years. In 1998, due to the strains of Alan’s career and his infidelity, the couple separated. It’s All About Him is not just the story of life and marriage of Denise and Alan. It also tells the readers Denise’s journey of surrendering her marriage to the Lord that allowed Him to step in and heal something that she never thought could be restored. This book is a great story of hope, heartache, renewal, commitment and God’s grace. 

  • “This book gives a clear plan of salvation.” – L. Wetzel, Christian Book
  • “It had such an impact on my life and it revealed the deepest truth that nothing else really is satisfying except for having a relationship with Christ.” – M. Davidson, Christian Book
  • “I was not raised in the church, but have been searching for a way to connect with God. By reading this account of her life and marriage, I feel like I found a start at that connection.” – M. Duvall, Amazon Review
  • “The book has been given to a member of the family who is not a Christian and she has been ministered to by reading it.” – S. Banjo, Amazon Review
  • “I’m not a religious person but felt a real kinship with what Denise was saying and it certainly made me want to question my own beliefs.” – K. Davitt, Amazon Review
  • “What a wonderful book, it made me think about my walk with the Lord and how I want to renew my life and walk with the Lord.” – L. Frisb, Amazon Review
ISBN 0785227768, 256 pages, Publisher – Thomas Nelson

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