The Ambition by Lee Strobel

If you are constantly on the lookout for suspense thrillers and books such as John Grisham and if you are a seeker, then you’ll love Lee Strobel’s ‘The Ambition’!

After reaching millions of people with his bestselling non-fiction books, Lee Strobel (Author, The Case for Christ) makes his fiction debut with a legal thriller that draws on his background in legal journalism. The Ambition takes shape in a suburban megachurch in Chicago as its disillusioned senior pastor grapples with his resignation and is in the running for being appointed to a vacant Senate seat. While a skeptical newspaper reporter who  just missed out on the Pulitzer tries to sniff out a scandal in the church in order to win his girlfriend back and a misguided attorney seeks freedom from his gambling addition but because of his involvement with the mob and dealings with a crooked judge, he threatens the lives of everyone he confides in. Lee Strobel weaves these edgy characters into an intricate thriller and providing a glimpse on how sin can enslave humans. Book recommended for non-believers and seekers.

  • “The message of the book was very good. A strong Biblical worldview was given without white-washing the church to make it look perfect.” – S. Taylor, Amazon Review
  • “God’s Hand is always on His people, whether we realize it or not, sometimes whether we even want it to be or not. I thought that Strobel did quite well in making his case in the form of a novel.” – W. Moffat, Amazon Review
  • “…Strobel’s own personal journey was long and his conversion came about because of some very gentle people who helped guide Strobel. The same could be said for the novel. There is no heavy handedness to it but rather a gentle leading. Strobel was not coerced to change his world view. Neither does the novel coerce the reader to accept a particular worldview but asks the reader to consider and to weigh the issues.” – Michael, Amazon Review
  • “I enjoyed the discussions about faith as there was no push, just a gentle prod which left me thoughtful and speculative.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “Popular Christian apologist Lee Strobel’s first novel, a deft blend of the suspense, newspaper and organized crime genres, would make an excellent gift for Christians, seekers and non-believers.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
ISBN 0310292670, 288 pages, Publisher – Zondervan

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