Five Sacred Crossing by Craig Hazen

‘Five Sacred Crossing’ presents the Christian worldview’s uniqueness through creative fiction. Although it is fictional, the story is very realistic with compelling content. This book provides a strong case for Christianity in a non-threatening way which we highly recommend for non-believers and seekers alike. 

Written by Craig Hazen, Founder and  Director of Biola University’s graduate program in apologetics, Five Sacred Crossings: A Novel Approach to a Reasonable Faith presents a compelling case for  Christianity and how Christianity’s solutions to life’s questions make more sense than anything else offered by alternative religions. The story centers on Dr. Michael Jernigan, a professor who teaches comparative world religions at a community college. Prof. Jernigan’s teaching was interrupted when a terrorist cell’s plot to detonate a radioactive device in Los Angeles is exposed, causing panic in the community. At this moment, Prof. Jernigan decides to develop the class’s critical thinking skills by utilizing principles called the ‘Five Crossings’ that he learned from the Cardamom people in Cambodia. Craig Hazen uses each “crossing” to address different worldviews, and to explain and defend the Christian worldview. 

  • “This book captures the interest of the reader in a storyline that could be right out of today’s headlines. The story then communicates deep truths of God’s existence and His revelation through His Son Jesus Christ. It is a great read.” – P. Lalonde, Amazon Review
  • “I hold this book in high regard, as a matter of fact I may buy a few more copies for some of my unbelieving friends, or at least for the ones who are on the fence. This may help them get over those last few hurdles in their minds.” – Jeff, 
  • “An intelligent novel on Christian apologetics in an easy to read format. Especially good for those needing answers, to the many and varied belief systems, and their merit in a world seeking truth.” – Viv, Amazon Review
  • “Hazen weaves in spiritual ideas that point to Jesus as the true path without using Christian jargon. “Five Sacred Crossings” should be read by all who are on a spiritual quest.” – C. Burnham
  • “This book lays out the case for Christianity in the most engaging and entertaining story – a real page turner that will have you on the edge of your seat.” – K. Yingling

ISBN 0985402008, 176 pages, Publisher – Contend Publishing Group


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