Taste and See by Annabel Robinson

Book Cover - Taste and SeeWritten by Annabel Robinson, Taste and See is a free ebook for people who have absolutely no idea what the Holy Bible is all about. 

Taste and See: An Invitation to Read the Bible is a short, 52-page introduction to selected portions of the Holy Bible. By providing interesting content from the Bible for readers to ‘taste’ first, Taste and See will open up their eyes to ‘see’ for themselves the power and beauty of the Scripture in everyday life. In this short book, there are twelve featured Bible passages that have been selected to deal with major themes of the Bible that connects with people who are searching for the truth and meaning. The book ends with warm invitations to embrace Jesus Christ, and to continue reading the Holy Bible. Taste and See is a worthwhile download for readers who wanted a fresh start or an encouragement to grab their Bible and for people who are not familiar with what the Bible is all about.

  • “Taste and See is ideal for your un-churched friends because it allows them to read the overarching story of the Bible quickly and easily.” – Kate, Goodreads
  • “This book is written in a very friendly, understandable tone that makes you want to dig deeper.” – C. Moses, Amazon Review
  • “This is a great book for anyone who did not have an interest in the Bible as it could be overwhelming so this book helps people desire to read the Bible.” – Cynthia, Amazon Review

Format – eBook (free), 52 pages, Publisher – Scripture Union Canada and Canadian Bible Society


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