Kings and Clans of the Midwest Volume 1 by Den Warren

Review of Kings and Clans of Midwest by Den Warren - Books For EvangelismGovernment spending is out of control. The US dollar is printed until it becomes worthless. Then the US economy has a total collapse. Characters from various points of view, through their thoughts and dialog try to determine how they are to survive.

This novel, the first by Den Warren, takes the reader from now until a possible near future breakdown of society. Evil people see the chance to grab from others in the name of their own “rights”. Only those who saw it coming and prepared, along those willing to follow them, have any chance to live free. 

The book is a dystopian/military fiction story. There are a lot of conservative opinions throughout the book. Also there are a couple of church situations where the Plan of Salvation is clearly given. While these are not the theme of the book, the hope is by the author that those reading the plan might see themselves in the same situation and give consideration to God’s Grace in their own lives.

This book deserves to be in the category of one worthy of being passed out for the purposes of evangelism.

ISBN 1503250539, 312 pages, Publisher – CreateSpace Independent Publishing


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