The Secret Life of a Fool by Andrew Palau

The Secret Life of a Fool, Andrew Palau, Luis Palau, Evangelist, Biography, Memoir, Books for evanglism, evangelism, book reviewAndrew Palau’s The Secret Life of a Fool is a book that we recommend for young readers, people who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction and perhaps for people too who were raised around the church but seems to have no sense of direction.

The Secret Life of a Fool: A Man’s Raw Journey From Shame to Grace is a no-holds-barred redemptive autobiography of Andrew Palau, son of the international evangelist Luis Palau. In this book, readers will witness how the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ rescued Andrew from the deep pit of hopelessness and despair. Despite living in a loving home with two role-model parent and a strong church that provided a strong backbone of faith, Andrew turned his back on them and pursue a destructive and selfish life for himself. For him, Christianity has no place in his life since it wasn’t about him. His god was himself and himself was the god he would serve. Andrew craved for social acceptance and popularity. He started taking drugs and drink alcohol as an adolescent and his consumption has only increased as he got older. It took many years before Andrew he eventually came to Christ after many years outside the faith. This book delivers a strong message that even being a wretch like him could find that there is freedom and life in Jesus Christ. The Secret Life of a Fool is Andrew’s story of running from God and the unforgettable, heart-healing grace that turned him back to God.

  • “The best parts of the book are when the author directs you to the Lord. You’ll see over and over the Lord’s hand in his life and hopefully feel encouraged that the Lord is helping you as well.” – Irene, Goodreads
  • I think his story will be of a great help to others who are needing love and guidance to get back on the road to redemption.” Shannon, Goodreads
  • I think by reading this book, Andrew shows that there is still hope for people who have lost their way and need help from God to find their way back.” – C. Koch, Amazon

Today, Andrew Palau is an international evangelist, organizes outreach events worldwide for Palau Association and regularly shares the gospel.

ISBN 193603476X, 224 pages, Publisher – Worthy Publishing


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