Hosoi by Christian Hosoi and Chris Ahrens

An interesting and quick read that gives tremendous insights of the highs and lows of Hosoi’s journey and the redemptive power of Jesus Christ that we recommend for both Sports fans especially professional skateboarding and for those who want to help people from drug addiction.

Written by Christian Hosoi together with Chris Ahrens, Hosoi: My Life as a Skateboard Junkie Inmate Pastor is an inspirational book that tells us the story of Christian Hosoi who became a professional skater at the age of thirteen to his fall because of his drug addiction and finding redemption only through God. As a skateboarder, Christian Hosoi literally had it all. He was an elite star in the skating world who made big money in endorsement deals and  partying out at every club in Hollywood together with A-list celebrities. He traveled the world extensively and was mobbed by fans everywhere he went. As a junkie, Christian’s life just fell apart as he slowly falls into his addiction. The gravity of his addiction brought him to hit rock bottom after he was arrested for interstate drug trafficking and went to jail. Becoming an inmate marked the beginning of his new life. With the help of Jennifer (who became his wife), Hosoi found that there is still hope for him in Christ. He started to read the bible and accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. After he was released, he settled and raised a family with four sons and became a Pastor.

  • “This book helped me understand the behaviors of an addict since one of my close relatives was a recreational skateboarder and fits the profile of Hosoi. An excellent book for a current addict or enabler, this book can help others get clean as a result of Christian’s example.” – Linda, Amazon
  • “I grew up as a Hosoi follower and I wanted to be him. The moment I started this book, I couldn’t put it down. If you know anyone who struggles with drug and truly want to quit, do give this book. It is inspiring.”
ISBN 0062024302, 336 pages, Publisher – Harper One

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