Betrayed! by Stan Telchin

Betrayed! is an excellent resource that explains Christianity and Judaism told from the point of view of a Jew and a tool to reach out to your Jewish friends.

It was one phone call that changed the life of Stan Telchin and his family. When Stan’s daughter told him the shocking revelation that she became a Christian, he was devastated for they are Jewish. And Jews can’t be Christians since they don’t believe in Jesus Christ. In order to win his daughter back, Stan sets on a personal quest to disprove her daughter’s Christian faith and make her embrace Judaism once again. He started to read and study the Bible for the first time in his life, gathering evidences that can help him dissuade his daughter. Instead of discovering evidences to disprove Christianity, Stan was caught with the reality that Jesus Christ is truly the Son of God and the Messiah. Told from Stan’s point of view, Betrayed! not only presents the story of his family but also tells the readers the long history of conflict between Jewish people and Christians. Stan’s amazing journey how he arrived to the conclusion that proves that Jesus is the Messiah is a compelling read. This book will help raise awareness and understand both Judaism and Christianity and how God can heal wounds from the conflict.

  • “This book was recommended to me by a Jew who came to faith in Christ.” – Lewis, Amazon Review
  • “This is one of the best books I ever read for spreading the gospel to anyone, not just Jewish but anyone.” – F. Moore, Amazon Review
  • “I highly recommend this for Jews who want to explore Christianity, or Christians wishing to understand more of their Jewish friends. Telchin’s story opens the door for searching Jews to begin a journey towards acceptance of Christ as who he said he was, and who he was foretold to be. – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • Recommended for non-believers looking for evidence concerning why one should believe in Him as Messiah and Savior. ” JC, Amazon Review

ISBN 0800794230, 160 pages, Publisher – Chosen Books


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