Goodbye Is Not Forever by Amy George

Penned by Amy George together with Al Janssen, Goodbye is Not Forever is an amazing story that we recommend for anyone  who are undergoing any trials and hardships in life. 

Goodbye is Not Forever is a wonderful testimony about Amy’s family’s suffering and survival before and during the Second World War. The narrative of the story starts when Amy was only 3 years old and her father was arrested and taken to a camp in the frigid wastelands of Siberia. Living in Soviet Union under Stalin, Amy and her siblings were raised solely by their mother doing odd jobs. When World War II began and Hitler’s armies invaded Amy’s Russian village, they are forced to work in a slave labor camp and at a very young age Amy witnessed firsthand the horrors of Hitler’s Germany. Amy’s family survived although they lose their home. Over the years, Amy often wondered if she could see her father again. Eventually they see how God’s hand has guided them. The book also tells the incredible story how Amy how the Lord’s providential hand was there throughout the hardest periods of her life.

  • “This is a book to lift your spirits and the spirits of anyone you give this book to as a gift. How someone can go through all the horrendous situations that Amy did, and still be a positive person, is a true gift that she shares beautifully.” Egie, Amazon Review
  • “Amy’s story could put a very different perspective on our daily struggles.” Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “I plan to recommend this book to everyone I know. Amy George’s account of life in the Soviet Union during Stalin, and of living with her mother hand to mouth as a “war slave” under Hitler was extremely eye-opening.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “Finally, a WWII memoir on par with Ten Boom’s immortal classic. I, too, heard about this book on the radio reading circle, and was absolutely enthralled by it – I had to get the book for myself, my family and friends.” Anonymous, Amazon Review

ISBN 1565072952, 340 pages, Publisher – Harvest House Publishers


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