Out of Islam by Christopher Alam

‘Out of Islam’ is an inspiring and gripping story of Christopher Alam who was raised in a Muslim family and his conversion to Christianity. An excellent biography that we recommend for Muslims and Christians alike. 

Out of Islam: One Muslim’s Journey to Faith in Christ traces the journey of Christopher Alam as a young Pakistani convert to Christianity from a traditional Muslim family  to his emergent worldwide evangelistic and healing ministry. Christopher was born and raised as a Muslim. His father was a devout Muslim and a lifelong military officer while his mother was an India-born performing artist. One life-altering event sent Christopher’s life into a tailspin. His world increasingly darkened with abuse, isolation, rejection, loneliness, and ultimately ‘jihad.’ But one day, Christopher made a decision and he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. In 1975, Christopher became a Christian but his father sought to had him arrested and even had him beheaded for betraying their religion, Islam. After enduring much persecution including spending almost an entire year in prison for preaching the Gospel, Alam ultimately escaped to Sweden where he met and married his wife, Britta. Together they have launched their ministry, and Christopher  has preached in more than sixty nations. 

  • “This book will rock your world view concerning Islam. What a great story on the transforming power of God’s work in your life.” – L.Krahn, Amazon Review
  • “Whatever one’s own viewpoints and opinions, Out of Islam affords another opportunity to examine the depths of the spiritual war, of which Jesus is Lord and Master, for the souls of all mankind.” T. Farley, Amazon Review
  • Out of Islam is easy reading, and covers some of the historic animosity between India and Pakistan, but that is not the primary focus of the book. The work is about a man who feels Allah led him to faith in Jesus Christ. I had spoken recently with several people who converted from Islam to Christianity. They all shared that they felt God supernaturally revealed himself, through Jesus to them. As I read Out of Islam, the author also seemed to be saying the same thing.
ISBN 1591858909, 208 pages, Publisher – Charisma House

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