Cross Roads by Wm. Paul Young

Using a creative story line to give insight into the unconditional love of God, Cross Roads is an great read for people who likes fictional books. 

Cross Roads is Wm Paul Young sophomore effort after his New York Times best-seller The Shack which sold 18 millions copies. Cross Roads follows Anthony “Tony” Spencer, a shrewd and egoistical businessman. Spencer is cruel, friendless and has ruined so many relationships. When a near death experience sends Spencer in a coma, the story takes the readers quickly on a redemptive and supernatural journey to explore his inner-life. Spencer re-awakens in a strange place where he is brought face-to-face with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit who sends him back to earth to go over the actions he made before going comatose. However once he is back on earth he discovers that he is seeing the world through the eyes of several different people. And as he is transferred from one person to another, the sights that Tony witnesses are both beautiful and cruel in turn, making him question who he has become and what the impact of his past choices might be.

  • “This book again brings out one’s faith through the writings of the author Wm. Paul Young. It inspires an individual reader to think, ponder, and search their own relationship with our creator in full union with the trinity of the Father, Son and holy Spirit. It makes the mystery that much more rooted in the foundation of our very souls.” – Anonymous,Barnes and Noble
  • This book is truly amazing and breaks into the deepest part of a person’s soul. It made me reflect on those deep dark places in my heart that I have hidden away for so many years. We must give our cares to Jesus for it is only he that can heal us. This book along with The Shack are truly life changing.” – Kris, Amazon Review
  • “For not being much of a religious man, reader or an emotional person, this book struck me in a way I have never experienced. It was an easy read for me which I’ve always had reading problems even through college. Never had I thought that I would actually cry reading a book. This book held my attention which is about the same as a 10 year old. Taking all of that in consideration, I would simple like to say I am still not much of a religious man but curiosity has crept into my mind not from the religious aspect but from the way of looking at the whole universe. It is Religious Fiction but you can not help but step back and wonder.” – Clay, Amazon Review
  • “Awesome fiction that takes you straight to your relationship with God. And if you don’t have one, you’ll want one after reading this book. I found myself in tears just looking at my own life, looking at my own heart. God’s love for each one of us is truly amazing!” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “I’m convinced that most people will see in the character of Tony Spencer, some of their own brokenness. God is approachable and intent on restoration.” – J. Folson, Amazon Review
  • “It will make a believer out of you.” – Annof, Barnes and Noble
ISBN 1455516049, 304 pages, Publisher – FaithWords

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