There Is a God by Antony Flew and Roy Abraham Varghese

There Is a God, Antony Flew, Roy Abraham Varghese, Conversion, Scientific Atheism, Atheist, Agnosticism, Skepticism, New Atheism, Christianity, Books For Evangelism, Evangelism, Book review, A very clear and fascinating book that traces an atheist journey to believing that there is a God. There Is a God is a challenging read for atheists and agnostics. 

In There Is a God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed his Mind, Anthony Flew discloses how his commitment to ‘follow the argument wherever it leads‘ led him to a belief in God as Creator. Anthony Flew is a noteworthy advocate of atheism and he wrote influential books that not only influenced atheist but theists as well, in that over time rebuttals were formulated. There Is a God is divided into two parts. The first half was a short summary about his life and how he became an atheist at a young age and how he developed his ideas through an interest in philosophy. The second half talks about the evidences that caused him to change his mind. Flew cited three arguments for God:  the laws of the nature explain the mind of God; the origin of life and;  the cosmological argument. The book ends with an appendix by N. T. Wright (Author, Simply Christian), arguing for the coherence of Christian belief in the resurrection. 

  • “But I must say that this book for me was a link to other sources and books on the topic and has brought me closer to the feeling or awareness of some ‘higher intelligence’.” – P. Martino, Amazon Review
  • “The most effective witnesses are ones who come from the “other side”. Think Saul/Paul of Tarsus. Likewise, Antony Flew was a renowned atheist and critic of religion and Christianity. But based on his belief that one must “go where the evidence leads”, he concluded from the vast amount of evidence in physics, biology and philosophy that there must be a God. A recommended read for apologists, agnostics or hardcore atheists.” – Jay, Amazon Review
  • ” This book challenged my beliefs and helped me grow.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “This is probably the best and concise book on proofs for God that is out there and I don’t say things like that easily! Flew was absolutely a top tier thinker of the last century and this book is evidence to that.” – M. Loyet, Amazon Review
  • “I passed it on to my grandson, who, at 15 he is questioning these issues and I believe will help him on his life’s journey.” – R. Sutton, Amazon Review
ISBN 0061335304, 256 pages, Publisher – HarperOne

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