Letters from a Skeptic by Dr. Gregory A. Boyd and Edward Boyd

Letters from a Skeptic by Dr. Gregory A. Boyd and Edward BoydLetters from a Skeptic is an excellent book that you can give to your non-believing family and friends. 

Presented as a series of letters between an unbelieving father and his Christian son, Letters from a Skeptic: A Son Wrestles with His Father’s Questions about Christianity is an honest and thought-provoking book that tackles the toughest questions and challenges that face Christianity. Greg longed for his longtime agnostic father to know Jesus Christ. So he offered his father an invitation: His father could write any questions about Christianity and his son would offer a response. From the correspondence between Greg and his Father, readers will discover what are some of the toughest questions about Christianity, including:

— Do all non-Christians go to hell?
— How can we believe a man rose from the dead?
— Why is the world so full of suffering?
— How do we know the Bible was divinely inspired?
— Does God know the future?

Letters from a Skeptic is a unique book that addresses questions that may non-believers and even believers have asked themselves when contemplating about the existence of God. Whether you’re a skeptic or perhaps a non-believer, this book can provide the answer and guide to the Christian faith.

  • “This book answered many questions about Christianity that I had, even some issues I didn’t realize I struggled with until I saw them spelled out.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • “I am a believer. My husband is not. I am going to ask him to read this book. I have high hopes this book will open a dialogue between us. Even higher hopes my husband will find the love of Jesus. I would love nothing more than to experience God’s love together. Whether you are a Christian or not, read this book!” – Lierel, Amazon Review
  • “I bought this book for a friend who has lots of questions about God and how to believe in Him completely if those are present. I am encouraged to say that God used this book to allow for growth in my friend’s life. He read it once and now is going back through it to really dissect what it is truly saying. Great book to give away; send it with lots of prayers as God has to do the work within people’s lives.” – B. Sprunger, Amazon Review
  • “I have always struggled with books that make the automatic assumption that those we try to share our faith with accept the premise that the Bible IS the Word of God. If that is not the case, all the helpful “tips” that follow are out the door. This book starts, literally, at square one. It is a must have in anyone’ s library that has loved ones that are not yet walking with Christ.” – V. Kelley, Amazon Review
  • “This is an incredible book. I have read it and then bought numerous copies to give away to family and friends. This is an excellent book for serious searchers.” – Neal, Amazon Review
  • “If you’ve ever had serious doubts about Christianity, God, the Bible, etc., read this book and find your doubts and questions taken seriously and welcomed.” – Sarah, Amazon Review
  • “Gave answers to questions that I have had with a non commending way. Questions were answers in a kind manner.” – Mari, Amazon Review
  • “I always pass it on to people who aren’t Christian as an introductory explanation. It is very down to earth and poses wonderful questions.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
ISBN 1434799808, 256 pages, Publisher – David C. Cook; New Edition

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