Devil Walk: A True Story by Clint M. Byars

An amazing journey from being an atheist to a believer, Devil Walk is the personal testimony of Clint M. Bryars that we recommended for non-believers and for people who have cases of using illegal drugs. 

Bryars invites you in a different journey as he opens up his heart and shares the moment when he descended into the demonic realm and his face-to-face encounter with Satan. Readers will discover the mental torment that Bryars experienced for months and Satan’s real nature and his realm of lies and deceptions. Bryars also shares his victory as he discovers the power of the infinite love of Jesus Christ that will destroy the lies and deceptions of the devil. It was by through Jesus Christ that set him free from hell on earth. Through Bryars’ story, readers will discover the truth and  break free from fear in Satan through and walk away with a renewed appreciation for what Jesus accomplished on the cross.

  • “The author emerged from his experience from pure evil to a life filled with the love of Jesus Christ. Quite possibly lives will be changed after reading this book. Some of the best views of our God and Jesus Christ I have ever read. Many concepts of Christ I could not understand were made clear through the writings of Mr. Byar’s. I no longer doubt that because of Christ, Satan is already defeated.” – Gina, Amazon Review
  • This is a testimony of a young man dangerously deceived by the enemy for months and lived to tell about it. Not only live to tell about it but live to bring others out of deception into the marvelous truths of knowing Jesus and walking in their new identity.” – R. Royal, Amazon Review
  • “This book would be a good tool to use to help youth avoid the pitfalls of illegal drugs and also to help them understand the nature of demons and how they operate.” – D. Lynn, Amazon Review
  • “A must read for believers and non-believers alike.” – C. Von, Amazon Review
  • For the non-Christian and Christian alike, this book reveals the hopelessness that can consume us when we listen to the negative, destructive accusations of Satan. After revealing the game that Satan plays with us, we are offered the solutions for hope, peace and a knowing that God has provided life, not death. If you are discouraged, I highly recommend this book.” – M. Cook, Amazon Review
ISBN 0924748516, 169 pages, Publisher – MileStones International Publishers

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