More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell

More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell, Christianity, Skepticism, Seekers, Books For Evangelism, evangelism, book review, More Than a Carpenter is a powerful evangelism tool written for  people who doubt Jesus’ deity and his purpose. 

With almost fifteen million copies in print, the inspirational classic, “More than a Carpenter” has been translated into dozens of languages and introduced countless people to the real Jesus. With the addition of a new chapter that answer the most common questions raised by today’s popular atheist writers, this updated version is perfect for the new generation of seekers. Written by a former skeptic, Josh McDowell together with his son Sean, this hard-hitting book offers arguments for faith and logically presents evidences about Jesus Christ and the other claims of Christianity. Readers and skeptics will discover the answers in questions such as, “Is he really the Lord he claimed to be?” and “How can we know for sure?”.

  • “This book made a major impact on my life. As a seeker, I doubted some of the claims of Christianity. Then a friend gave me a copy of Josh’s book. For the first time in my life, I realized truth, repented and surrender my life to Christ. That was many years ago and since then I have given hundreds of copies to seekers and non-believers. The teachings on Jesus and the Scripture are simple and powerful.” – B. Farrow, Amazon Review
  • “I was raised a Roman Catholic as far back as I can remember. Tragedies in my life immeasurably challenged my belief in God. It was challenged to the point where I began to despise talk of religion, specifically the faith I was raised with – Christianity. I found myself with a strong tendency to challenge religious believers, almost to the point of unconsciously trying to convince them out of their faith whenever I can. Then I read this book. It was logical and compelling, and I found myself with no sound way to refute what Josh McDowell was saying. I now am totally convinced that God and Jesus are REAL.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • Great evangelistic tool.  I recommend this book be given to skeptics and other doubters of the faith.” – J. Wolf, Amazon Review
  • “Gave one of these books to one of my friends. Unbeknownst to me, he was planning on going home, settling his estate and committing suicide that day. Instead, he read this book, changed his mind about the suicide, and has since had his life turned completely around from the inside out. He has complete peace about his purpose in and for life, and is living with eternity in mind instead of living for himself. Get some of these books and give them to friends! This message in this book can make a real and positive difference in someone’s life!” – J. Ledbetter, Amazon Review 
  • “Purchased the Japanese version of this book and my unsaved Okinawan mother is reading it. She said that the book makes a lot of sense and she prays that someday soon she too can pray to Jesus. Thank You Lord!” – D. Hebert, Amazon Review
  • “The single best book to give to someone seeking God. Buy ten and keep a few in your car to give away.” – M. Chapin, Amazon Review
  • “Someday, in heaven, I am going to thank the kind stranger who handed me this book.  I was at the height of skepticism, embittered with religion and disillusioned with humanity in general. Christianity was the religion of optimistic but ignorant fools, in my opinion. Over the coming weeks I found myself drawn to this book. Through it I realized the skewed, one-dimensional Christianity I had always seen presented in the media and elsewhere was far from the actual truth. It was a faith that could be explored with the mind and stand up as robust to skeptical scrutiny. This book presents evidence in a clear straightforward and intellectually honest way, albeit confrontationally. Great read that I’d recommend to anyone with questions of the heart and mind about Christ. I appreciated the author’s journey, and followed him along with bated breath. It was not a disappointing journey, and ended up being one among many that was integral to my coming to believe that Jesus Christ just might be who he said he was.” – J. Youngblood, Goodreads

ISBN 13 – 9781414326283, 192 pages, Publisher – Tyndale Momentum


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