I Am Second by Dave Sterett and Doug Bender

i am secondI Am Second: Real Stories. Changing Lives is a collection of 20 real-life testimonies of people who reached the end of their strength and control, and found the most suprising truths. The authors, Doug Bender and Dave Sterrett tells us the honest and raw accounts of both famous and everyday folk and how in their journey had found salvation and freedom in Jesus Christ.

Shocking in their honesty, inspiring in their courage, these testimonies are critical reminders that no one is too far from God to find him.

We recommend I Am Second: Real Stories. Changing Lives to any earnest seekers or non-believers out there who loves to read how the lives of both normal and famous people are transformed through the power of Christ.

  • “While these testimonies are powerful and made this one book that was hard to put down, the impact comes at the end where the concept of putting God first and making yourself second is explained. I have said it before but I will say it again, this book shows that even those put on a pedestal (sports heroes, musicians, models, etc.) are real people with real issues, just like us. This is one book that I would recommend to anyone and everyone I know.” Chgruver, Amazon
  • “I highly recommend getting this book, reading it, sharing it with others, buying it for others, and even reading to those who have dug their own holes like those described the individuals in this book. It’s well worth your time, money, and relational investment in others so that their lives will be changed by the goodness and mercy and forgiveness of God!” C. Carr, Amazon

ISBN 140020576X, 320 pages, Publisher – Thomas Nelson


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