Because They Never Asked by Lonnie Lane

Because They Never AskedIn Because They Never Asked: A Jewish Family’s Search for God, Lonnie Lane tells the story of how God supernaturally revealed Himself to her. She first sensed the presence of Yeshua (Jesus) when in Israel with her synagogue. This led her through a long intellectual struggle with questions that many Jews ask about God. When God spoke to her audibly, in power and tenderness, she knew why Abraham and Moses obeyed upon hearing His Voice. One by one, Lonnie’s family members came to the Lord, each with his or her own unique encounter with God. Her love for God, for Israel, and for her Jewish people will touch your heart.

Sid Roth says: “It is unusual for an entire immediate Jewish family to accept the Lord. The Lanes are such a family. They are a prototype of what God is about to do with Jewish families worldwide. I urge you to read, enjoy, and learn about this most unusual Jewish Mishpochah (family).”

This book, Because They Never Asked, is an excellent book that we can provide to our earnest Jewish friends who are open to understanding why some Jewish accepts Jesus as their personal Messiah.

ISBN 1594674663, 120 pages, Publisher – Xulon Press


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