Beyond Belief by Josh Hamilton

Beyond Belief, Josh Hamilton, Sports, Conversion, alcohol, drug, addiction, books for evangelism, books, evangelism, book review, Beyond Belief is an excellent resource for people who have cases of using illegal substance as well as alcohol abusers. Readers will witness and learn how faith and grace of God can conquer drug and alcohol-fueled lives. 

Beyond Belief: Finding the Strength to Come Back is Josh Hamilton’s inspirational story that details his journey of ups and downs, highlighting the life when he was taken over by drugs and alcohol and how God’s mercy and grace redeemed his life. The book begins by telling the story when he was just a little boy who excels in baseball and was always placed in the older leagues. His talent brought him into becoming a star player when he was eight years old in little league until his last day of high school. In summer of 1999 he was picked first in the Major League Baseball draft. His lifelong dream had come true and he was known as a guy with an off-the-charts skill, talent, modest and humble attitude. But when he got injured in his first season everything just went downhill. At 20, he started abusing alcohol and used illegal drugs. His addiction became so bad that he hit rock bottom that resulted in destroying his own life including his loving family. Although he made a huge mess in his life and career, God’s amazing grace and his loving family contributed to his comeback. 

  • “The book inspired me to personally seek and know God better and made me realize that no matter where you are in life there is always help to get out.” – A. Kid, Amazon Review
  • “After reading this book, I come to a better understanding about life and a relationship with Jesus Christ in general.” – K. Brannon, Amazon Review.
  • “This book is amazing and I can honestly say that it changed my life in several ways. “ – V. Chapman, Goodreads
  • “For people who might not be Christian, there is still hope and recovery and release from the bondage of drugs and alcohol.” – Katey, Barnes and Noble
ISBN 1599951606, 288 pages, Publisher – FaithWords

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