The Endless Hour by Jesse Battle

‘The Endless Hour’ is a thought-provoking book that will stir the deeper emotion of its readers. If you like heartfelt true stories about faith and redemption or if you are in a process of searching what is really important in your life, then, this book is for you.

The Endless Hour: The True Story of a Haunted Soul is the intense and heart-wrenching true story of Jesse Battle as seen through his eyes as  an 8-year old boy as he matures into manhood in search of himself and truth. In addition, Jesse will take the readers through his spiritual battles and his ups and downs. At a young age, Jesse is gifted with a creative imagination and drawing ability. In 1988, as an adult, Jesse completes an illustration that becomes a reality two later, an  event which was destined yet unforeseen. Book recommended for everyone, The Endless Hour will make its readers to examine their own life. 

  • “The book is geared towards saving your own soul by trusting and accepting Christ as Lord and Savior. The author is truly a prophet sent by God to warn us to what will be iminent:death and judgement…” G.P. Jr., Amazon Review
  • “Jesse was blessed with God’s given talent to open your eyes. This book has a message which may help you come out of the darkness into the light.” – B. Collins, Amazon Review
  • “This is an interesting and amazing story as seen through the eyes of a most unusual 8 year old boy as he matures into manhood and comes to a profound realization about life and faith. He takes you “up and down” through laughter and tears, disappointments and achievements. His faith and tenacity inspire and intrigue the reader and evoke soul searching.” – L. Nelson, Amazon Review
  • “Eye opening , soul piercing , truly enlightening.” – E. Edwards, Review from theendlesshour[dot]com
  • “As you read this book, whether you believe in the spiritual world or not, it leaves you awe. There is a real war for your soul, and The Endless Hour gives you an insight on how real God is, and how real Satan is. The books’ message is clear; save your soul, or be eternally separated from God. The messages given to Jesse are a warning to the lost world. From beginning to end, you’ll find yourself relating to Jesse’s life experiences, and the story never lets you go till you reach the end. Truly real and facinating to read, but most importantly, this story is about us.” – G. Pion, Review from theendlesshour[dot]com
  • ” I didn’t plan on reading this book as quick as i did but it was really hard to put down. While I was reading and even after I was done I couldn’t help but think “what do I need to do to save my soul”. It has me looking at life from a different angle, a spiritual angle!” – J. Ryles, Review from theendlesshour[dot]com

ISBN 141411723X, 304pages, Publisher – WinePress Publishing


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