A Place for Skeptics by Scott Larson and Chris Mitchell

‘A Place for Skeptics’ provides a great launching pad for discussion with anyone exploring the Christian faith. A perfect gift for skeptics!

Have you given up on church but not on God?… Or do you know someone who is searching for answers to the ‘larger questions of life’. If yes, then this book is for you! Written by Scott Larson and Chris Mitchell, A Place for Skeptics: A Spiritual Journey for Those Who May Have Given Up on Church But Not on God is an excellent resource for any skeptics have questions about the Christian faith. This book is designed as a 30-day spiritual book that examines the common questions and doubts skeptics have about God, the Bible, faith and Jesus Christ. Written in a conversational tone, it will engage readers to consider the validity of Christianity and what it means to have and grow a real faith.

  • “I found this book to be a wonderful tool to share with friends who are asking questions about God and looking for something to help them along.” – Allyson, Amazon Review
  • “All my life I have heard the Apostles Creed, and this book helped me to take the next step in understanding my faith and belief in God. More than that, this book has been a helpful tool for me to give to friends as they try to understand their own beliefs in God, and how those beliefs make it into their everyday lives. A Place for Skeptics is an excellent resource for making the bridge between God, religion and your everyday common life. It invites you to explore the reality that God does bring real answers to real life.” – B. Wiegers, Amazon Review
  • “This book is directed toward “those who may have given up on church, but not on God, This book can stir up the embers of faith and trust in those who are wary of attending church. A Place for Skeptics is an excellent resource for reaching those who are wary of religion but who are also weary of searching. — Joyce Handzo, Christian Book Previews.com, posted in Amazon.com

ISBN 0830737057, 188 pages, Publisher – Regal Books


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