The End of Religion by Bruxy Cavey

‘The End Of Religion’ is a thought-provoking and engaging book recommended for seekers, non-believers and those who have problems with ‘organized religion’. Also a good book for Christians, if by any case, you ever found yourself frustrated by a shallow, systemic religion that seems to have lost sight of Jesus Christ. 

Written by Bruxy Cavey, teaching pastor of The Meeting House (a church where spiritual seekers are encouraged to ask questions and develop a thoughtful faith), The End of Religion: Encountering the Subversive Spirituality of Jesus is an eye-opening book that defines that real faith and relationship has no room for religion and encourages people who don’t like what they see in church to give Jesus a chance. In The End of ReligionCavey provides a careful examination about certain elements in religion which have become obstructions for many people in seeing, understanding and coming to know Jesus Christ. Cavey also defines that true Christianity is about spiritual relationships, not dogma or set of rules, but it doesn’t mean we need to completely abandon organized religion but rather avoid substituting it for personal faith in Jesus Christ. A good resource for spiritual seekers. 

  • “This book is a breath of fresh air! I am starting a new relationship with God because of this book. Thanks Mr. Cavey!” – C. Smith, Amazon Review
  • “This book changed my life. Religion has become an unfortunate problem for all of us; however, most will not admit it. Bruxy has paved the way for all of us to see Jesus for real through relationships and through a deeper understanding of the Biblical text.” – D. Parisi, Amazon Review
  • I encourage every person who has had a problem with “the earthly church” and Christians to read this and give it to others. I especially encourage those who don’t like what they see in Christianity to give Jesus a chance. In this book they can see why He really came and how His followers were supposed to handle the Good News.”- B. Leachman, Amazon Review
  • “This book for me was mind changing. It clearly hits the mark. As an evangelical pastor I would not only recommend it but go as far to say its a must read.” – D. Sneed, Amazon Review
  • “This book was a great benefit to my ailing soul. I used to be a member of a Christian church, some would consider a cult; afterwards an avowed agnostic and now a tepid agnostic Christian. This book has shown me that Christianity is not the Church and all entangled with it, but the relationship we build with Christ.” – D. Weih, Amazon Review
  • “I was brought to organized religion at birth by loving parents. After a youth filled with twelve years of Christian schooling, Sunday schools and services, I became a committed atheist. The horrors of war, the greediness of mankind and the perceived apathy and hypocrisy of the religious convinced me Christianity was not “the way.” Accepting a God is much more difficult for someone who believes they have studied it intently and know the truth. In retrospect, a book such as Cavey’s would have saved me years of wasted effort in my spiritual quest.” – Anonymous, Amazon Review
  • ” This book is for people who are really wondering about how to follow Christ.” – C. Kübler , Amazon Review
ISBN 1600060676, 272 pages, Publisher – NavPress

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