Advice for Seekers by Charles H. Spurgeon

Originally published in 1896, ‘Advice for Seekers’ is the result of Charles H. Spurgeon’s experiences and his years of ministry to compel seekers to commit their lives to Jesus Christ. Book highly recommended for seekers – those who are struggling with accepting Christ as their personal Savior. 

Exquisitely produced by Attic Books with an antique look, Charles H. Spurgeon’s ‘Advice for Seekers’ offers Scriptural truths in the simplest and most concise way  to help seekers understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ. ‘Seekers’ are people who are sincerely seeking out the truth; people who want to know more about Jesus Christ, the Bible and salvation. Seekers are people who are asking questions and wanting to know more before making any decisions. Writing about such topics as faith, salvation, sin and redemption, Spurgeon”s ‘Advice for Seekers’ will propel seekers to understand his absolute need of salvation through the atoning work of Jesus Christ.

  • “I am thrilled to have this book reprinted, as it’s one that I will use not only as an evangelism tool, but as a blessing to Christian friends as well!” – H. Home, Amazon Review 
  • “If I had to give one book to the man questioning how to come to the Cross, asking what sort of Savior Jesus is, wondering if He will be accepted by the Lord, I would give Advice for Seekers.” – Farrell, Amazon Review
  • “Charles Spurgeon engages with the reader to entreat him to come to Christ. I’ve read it and given it away because of the Gospel impact it has.” – B. Knights, Amazon Review
  • “He spoke too of the best healing available in Christ:” – J. Reagan, Amazon Review

ISBN 0890517037, 142 pages, Publisher – Attic Books 


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