Once Life Matters by Marty Angelo

Once Life Matters by Marty Angelo, biography marty angelo, story marty angelo, testimony marty angelo, book review, books for evangelism, evangelism, Marty Angelo’s memoir, Once Life Matters, is a powerful testimony highly recommended for inmates, former convicts, substance abusers and troubled celebrities as it will touch their hearts and show them the real meaning of life.

Once Life Matters: A New Beginning is a powerful life-changing autobiography written by a former music business entrepreneur, Marty Angelo. Angelo was a successful producer and manager for top recording artists and he worked with the late Jimi Hendrix and the late George Harrison. Despite his success he felt empty and that nothing seems to matter to him, therefore he lived an out-of-control sinful lifestyle that eventually led him into the path of destruction. This book also shows how God totally transformed Angelo’s life from the snarls of drugs, booze, rock/disco music into a powerful witness of God’s saving grace and mercy.

  • “I see that this book would be a great tool to give to people that are struggling with drugs, drinking,and other problems that can prevent a person from leading a happy and productive life.” P. Jane, Amazon Review
  • “Purchased this book for my brother who is in prison and he couldn’t thank me enough for getting him this book. God has taken full control of his life and he has accepted Lord Jesus Christ in his life and this book really spoke to him.” Lp, Amazon Review
  • “I sent my son a copy of this book and has given himself over to Christ because of this book.” JT from Wisconsin
  • “Marty’s life trials and tribulations touched me and have found myself accepting Christ in my life. I am a recovering heroin addict in need of a salvation.” SL from California 

After he was released from prison, Marty Angelo served the Lord including Prison Fellowship Ministries which was founded by Charles Colson. Marty currently serves as a minister to prisoners, substance abusers and troubled celebrities. He also founded Once Life Matters Ministries that bring hope to those who are weary from the weight of the world with the love of Jesus Christ.

ISBN-10: 0961895446, 202 pages, Publisher – Impact Publishing


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