Karla Faye Tucker Set Free by Linda Strom

Karla Faye Tucker Set Free is an excellent resource for those who serves time in prison most especially women – it will bring them hope and mercy in Jesus Christ.

Karla Faye Tucker Set Free: Life and Faith on Death Row accounts the story of Karla Faye Tucker, the first woman executed in the US since 1984 and how the Grace of God radically changed her life. Her conversion to Christianity while she was in prison gave her strength and touched the lives of others even when she was on death row.  Linda Strom, Tucker’s spiritual advisor and close friend for eleven years, wrote this book which includes photographs as well as excerpts from Tucker’s letters and interviews.

  • Karla Faye Tucker is a true example of how God can work in one’s life. I think it is a great witnessing tool and think it should be placed in penitentiaries throughout the U.S. – C. Ward, Amazon Review.
  • “A great story about a real woman whose face shone with a radiance that only comes through knowing the forgiveness and peace of Christ.”– M. Wise, Amazon Review
  • “The forgiveness she received from the family of one of her victims is breathtaking, the strength of character it takes to open your heart and forgive your sister’s murder, is beyond the understanding of most of us.” -Zippy,Goodreads Review.
  • It was very inspirational. I gave it to a friend, hoping that she too would be inspired as I was. This book shows you that with God all things are possible. – Tpwilliams, Amazon Review.

Karla Faye Tucker Set Free book clearly shows that no matter what circumstances we’re in, no matter how little of big the sins we have committed, God is always and ever ready to forgive us and enables us to feel His Grace in our lives.

ISBN 0877887756, 240pages Publisher – Shaw Books


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