Jesus and Muhammad by Mark A. Gabriel

Jesus and Muhammad is a remarkable book recommended for Muslims and even for Christians who wanted to know more about Islam and how to witness to them. 

Written by Dr. Mark A. Gabriel, Jesus and Muhammad: Profound Differences and Surprising Similarities is a provocative book that presents a strong analysis between the two most influential figures of all time: Christianity’s Jesus Christ with 2 billion adherents, and Islam’s Muhammad with 1.3 billion followers. In addition, various issues have also been compared and contrasted in this book such as women, prayer, love, war, healing, teachings and the end times. The Author is uniquely qualified to compare these two polarizing figures as he is a scholar of both faiths. Dr. Mark Gabriel was born and raised in Egypt and at age of 12 he already memorized the Qur’an. He earned his PhD in Islamic history and culture from Al-Azhar University in Cairo. In his life, he believes that he was a devout Muslim by following strictly the teachings of Islam but in his early 30’s he reached a crisis in his belief at which point someone gave him a copy of the New Testament. And his journey of comparing Jesus and Muhammad began. He abandoned Islam at the age of 34 and became a Christian though he was threatened  to be killed by his own father. 

  • “This is the second copy I have bought, and I intend to buy more and give it to my friends. This is an excellent book that one can use to evangelize Muslims. It is written with love, from a Muslims who became a Christian.” – Nina, Amazon Review
  • “This book was recommended to me by an African Bible Teacher. He said read it then give it to a Muslim friend. I was challenged and blessed by the testimony! A very enlightening factual book.” T. Veer, Amazon Review
  • “The book has missionary character towards the end. But this is understandable by the life story of the author. It could serve Muslims to be more able to classify to their own belief in comparison to the Christian belief.” – R. Nies, Amazon Review
ISBN 1591852919, 272 pages, Publsiher – Charisma House



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